5 Inspirational Themes for your Corporate Event

Whether you’re making an exciting company announcement, rewarding your staff on a successful year, or in need of boosting morale, hosting a themed corporate event will guarantee to liven the atmosphere and get your employees motivated. Of course, there are a million and one things to organise when hosting a large scale event, but by first choosing a theme you will have a strong foundation to tie together your event’s talks, decor, food, and activities. To follow are 5 inspirational themes for events to inspire, stimulate, and delight your team.

The Rubik’s Cuberubiks cube

Recognised worldwide as the epitome of problem-solving, hosting a Rubik’s cube themed event will encourage curiosity, logical thinking, and of course, problem solving. As well as providing individual cubes for your employees to compete against the clock, or larger cubes for teams to work together, utilise the strong colours and geometric shapes in the venue decor. For coordinated music, look to the 80’s for inspiration!

Bond’s Casino Royale

If your staff deserve a night off, treat them to the ultimate casino experience. Not only will your employees be able to relax and enjoy the entertainment, but also mingle and socialise with colleagues over a few Martinis (shaken, not stirred of course). Keep everything above board by supplying company-branded dollars, professional croupiers, and entertaining mixologists to get those cocktails flowing. This theme is also ideal for client invitation too.

Desert Island Castaways

Do you remember that golden saying: sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees? Running with a desert island theme will strip your employees of the mounds of paperwork and the bundles of technology which surround them each and every day at the office. Use this time to inspire your staff and remind them of the core aspirations upon which the company was founded. Keep the decor simple, provide a buffet for your staff to help themselves, and urge them to go back to the basics in order to plan for the future.

Murder Mystery Extraordinairemurder mystery

An unusual but extremely fun activity, surprise your staff with a murder mystery event. Encourage your employees to work together, take on roles which they are not accustomed to, and put themselves in other people’s shoes. Tailor the story to your business requirements, and while it may simply seem like a fun night off, your staff will doubtlessly learn from the role play. For the full effect, don’t forget to make costumes mandatory!

A Night at the Circus

For something completely different, dazzle your employees and clients alike by inviting them to roll up for a night at the circus. Guide them through the event as Ringmaster, and ensure you have a spectacular performer or two for the intervals such as stiltwalkers, contortionists, or firebreathers. Remember that music can play an important role in creating an atmosphere, so be sure to seek musical inspiration from world-renowned circuses.