5 Ideas for Children’s Entertainment at WeddingsIdeas for Children's Entertainment at Weddings

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: an agitated, bored child playing up at a friend or relative’s wedding. From toddler temper tantrums to fidgety school-age kids, it’s hard to keep children entertained during a wedding ceremony and reception. While some celebrations have a strict ‘no kids’ policy, others welcome little ones of all ages – from babies through to teens. If you have chosen the latter option for your wedding, it’s important to consider entertainment options for your youngest guests: after all, happy kids mean happy parents!

To start, you must consider the age of the children who will be attending. If necessary, ask your guests to write the ages on their RSVP, so you eliminate the need for guesswork. If the kids in attendance are of preschool or infant school age, you will need to tailor your entertainment accordingly. If they’re a little older, cater for the fact they are more grown up.

Once you know the age-range at your wedding, it’s time to get planning! If you don’t have kids yourself, ask friends and relatives to help with ideas – they may have some great tips to give and advice to impart! To get you off the mark, here are 5 wedding entertainment ideas for kids.

1. Circus Area

Whether you buy in your own toys or hire a specialist, a circus area is a great way to keep the children entertained for the duration of your wedding reception. Cordon off a special area, and fill it with juggling balls, spinning plates and diablos for the older children, alongside circus-themed fancy dress and balloons for the younger ones. You could even incorporate a circus skills workshop!

2. Music ClassIdeas for Children's Entertainment at Weddings

Young kids love the chance to have a sing and dance; so why not hire in a children’s music teacher to provide an hour’s entertainment? Nursery rhymes, bells and rattles are brilliant for the smallest ones – and may even tire them enough for a short nap afterwards!

3. Activity Packs

Wedding speeches and toasts can be incredibly boring for young children – but by providing activity packs on the tables, you can stop their agitation simply and quickly. From colouring pens to puzzles and play dough, the possibilities are endless! If you have time, try to tailor each pack according to the age of the child.

4. Treasure Hunt

From two-year-olds to early teens, youngsters of all ages love a good treasure hunt! With the agreement of your wedding venue, create a map and a series of clues leading to treasure – perhaps some sweets, small toys, or even a special wedding cake just for the kids! With some creative thinking, this can keep the kids entertained for hours on end.

5. Arts and Crafts

If you want to encourage quiet play, an arts and crafts area with paper, paints, glitter, feathers and more will inspire young imaginations and can provide some wonderful keepsake artwork too. Again, make sure you ask the venue beforehand and provide overalls or at least a warning to parents that outfits may get a little messy!

If you have any more ideas for children’s entertainment at weddings to share, let me know!