5 Easily Forgotten Wedding Details

Getting engaged is an incredibly exciting time; but when reality hits and you are faced with a wedding to organise, the planning process can quickly descend into chaos. As you get to grips with big-scale event planning for the first time, it helps to be prepared. In the midst of the drama, it’s no wonder that couples often overlook some of the details – so to help you out, we have compiled a list of 5 easily forgotten wedding details.

#1: Copies of the Itineraryeasily forgotten wedding details

Every couple wants their big day to be smooth sailing. Your maid of honour, best man, bridesmaids and ushers are all vital to ensuring there is no confusion on the day of your wedding, so it pays to equip them with as much information as possible. A printed itinerary will help them to communicate with the guests, and field commonly asked questions. When and where are the group photos? Who will be reading speeches, and in what order? A little preparation here will go a long way to help assure a stress-free day.

#2: Directions and Signposts

While a handful of your guests may be familiar with your wedding venue, don’t assume that everyone knows how to get there. Provide your guests with printed directions, a postcode, or – if you have time – a link to personalised Google Map directions from their home to the ceremony location. Simple signage – perhaps an old blackboard or painted piece of reclaimed wood – will help considerably. If your reception venue is located a long way from your ceremony, provide directions between the two, or suggest your guests drive in convoy.

#3: Seating Arrangements at the Ceremony

While you’ve likely got the dinner table plan sorted, don’t forget to consider seating arrangements at the ceremony. You’ll want to ensure your close family and friends are seated as near to the front as possible – so ask your ushers to kindly enforce your wishes as guests filter in.

#4: The Guest Book

5 easily forgotten wedding details

Vintage wedding guest book

It’s been months in the making and you’ve spent years of your life dreaming about your big day, but when it comes to it, your wedding will be over in a flash. Don’t forget to provide a guest book for messages, signatures and drawings: a special reminder of the people who helped to make your day so unforgettable. Instead of a plain book, why not let people write notes over a coffee table book or even a length of fabric, with permanent fabric pens.

#5: Gifts for the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

They’ve endured your tears, temper tantrums and insuppressible excitement, so it’s important to thank your bridesmaids and groomsmen with a carefully considered gift. Take the time to choose personalised or handmade gifts to show how much you care and appreciate their help (and patience!).

When it comes to planning your wedding, the key to success is avoiding stress at all costs. Yes, it is easy to forget some of the finer details – but ultimately it’s all about letting go, having fun, and celebrating your relationship with the people you love!