5 Creative Catering Ideas for your Wedding

Alongside the venue and wedding entertainment, your catering choice is one of the most important decisions you will make for your big day. A poor caterer can leave your guests feeling hungry and miserable, while more creative food can bring a buzz of energy and some delightfully full tummies, too.

While some people prefer a traditional sit-down meal, a formal three-course menu doesn’t appeal to every bride and groom-to-be. If you want something different, there’s a universe of choice out there when it comes to catering, with inspiration taken from cuisine across the globe. Here are 5 creative catering ideas for your wedding.

1. Summer picnic5 Creative Catering Ideas for your Wedding

There’s something whimsical and romantic about a picnic; making it a wonderfully casual way to enjoy food on your wedding day. Embrace the quintessentially English tradition with blankets and wicker hampers, or piles of cushions under an awning – just in case the good old British weather doesn’t play ball. Picnic pies, artisan cheeses, local honey and ice lollies are the order of the day!


2. Oyster bar5 Creative Catering Ideas for your Wedding

Bringing a bit of class to your wedding, oysters are famed for being a natural aphrodisiac too! Traditionally enjoyed raw, most travelling oyster bars will also include a cooked option – along with an array of sauces to complement your shellfish. If you do opt for an oyster bar, be sure to offer an alternative as this it may evoke a love-it-or-hate-it response from your guests.


3. Bonfire food5 Creative Catering Ideas for your Wedding

As night falls, a bonfire is a fabulous way to bring your guests together in child-like reverie. But a bonfire is more than just a chance for a sing-song: it can be used as a creative catering opportunity too. Bonfire food ideas include roasted chestnuts, marshmallows, or construct-your-own s’mores – a delightfully sweet American treat. If you opt for a bonfire, check with the venue first and make sure you observe safety guidelines and use your common sense at all times.

4. Taco station

With the popularity of Tex Mex cuisine, most people think Mexican food is heavy and stodgy. But this is far from the truth: traditionally it can be wonderfully fresh, fun, and most importantly – utterly delicious. A taco station with soft corn tortillas, traditional pork ‘al pastor’ and help yourself tomato salsa, Oaxaca cheese and habanero sauce will be a surefire hit with adults and children too. But be warned – tacos are a highly addictive food-stuff!

5. Pie and mash

Sometimes an old-fashioned family meal is the best: and nothing speaks comfort food more than a good plate of pie and mash. To jazz up the options, offer an array of locally made pies – from traditional steak and ale to curried vegetables. Mash doesn’t have to be simple potato either: embrace other vegetables and seasonings too. Mustard mash is particularly delicious!

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